Cat:       CR-008
Year:     2023
Formats: 12” vinyl | digital


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‘JULIA’ is the debut album from Melbourne based artist Juice Webster. 

“...An album that ripples with fervid reflection and clarity that stings in order to soothe and traces the tides of loss, and the witnessing of time as bittersweet. ”

‘JULIA’ is out now.




Cat:       CR-003
Year:     2023
Formats: digital

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‘In The Zone’ is the exciting taste of new music from Juice Webster.

Decidedly pop-forward and downbeat, ‘In The Zone’ lays bare the anxiety that can come from the unexpected, and the feelings of disconnection and disassociation that may follow.

Her silvery vocals cut through deep, soggy bass and a forlorn keyboard riff that seemingly spirals around the void, parsing that otherworldly, almost alien-like feeling of being a world apart from those around you emotionally, despite how close to them you want to be.
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